The first NASA Artemis astronauts to land on the Moon will wear privately developed spacesuits

An illustration and prototype of suit designs to be advanced for use by astronauts on future Artemis missions. Credits: NASA / Collins Aerospace
  1. NASA only defined the technical and safety standards for the spacesuits but won’t control how they’re met so as to encourage innovation in design, development, and production. That being said, NASA is making available all of its research on the in-house xEMU suits to accelerate development of the new suits while reducing risk. Here are some notable NASA requirements for the lunar spacesuits.
  • Support more and longer duration spacewalks on latter Artemis missions focusing on sustaining human presence on the Moon.
  • The most interesting part (for me anyway): NASA wants astronauts to venture inside the scientifically-valuable permanently shadowed regionson the Moon’s south pole. The spacesuits therefore must let astronauts enter such regions, where temperatures are well below -180 degrees Celsius, and function nominally for at least 2 hours.



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Jatan Mehta


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