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Moon Monday

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South Korea is about to have its Chandrayaan 1 moment.

China’s Long March 2F rocket lifting off. Credit: Xinhua

Or why you should get a website and domain name.

  • Social platforms like Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, YouTube → Hotel rooms
  • Free Blog or Website → Rented house
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On our celestial companion’s immense scientific and exploration value.

View of the Moon by the Galileo spacecraft as it flew by it on December 7, 1992. Credit: NASA

Why do we explore the Moon?

The black hole’s spin rate also turned out to be close to the theoretical maximum. Beyond that limit, black holes lose their event horizons.

An artist’s illustration of a black surrounded by an accretion disk, as in the discovery of 4U 1630–47. Credit: NASA/JPL-Caltech
This article was originally published for The Wire. This is a mirror of the same.

How the Apollo missions transformed our understanding of the Moon’s origin

This article was originally published on The Planetary Society as a contribution for the Apollo 11 landing anniversary. This is a mirror of the same.

Designing lunar orbits to efficiently land on the Moon

TeamIndus Z-01 spacecraft landing site: Near Annegrit crater, in the vast lava plains of Mare Imbrium. Source: LROC Quickmap

Part A: Constraints on lunar orbits

1. Sun illumination

With great science comes great engineering

Studying the Sun from above

A look at the propulsion system of the TeamIndus lunar lander

Choosing a propulsion system for the journey

How the giant leap for mankind is not the first step on the Moon but attaining Earth orbit

SpaceX’s Falcon 9. Source: John Kraus Photos

Knowing the players

Jatan Mehta

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