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Have hope while you’re stranded, bud against the gloom.

Pictured: Primrose, Marguerite daisy, “Sleepy plant” Mimosa pudica, and Daphnes.

Last week in Moon exploration 🌗

  • NASA delays landing humans on the Moon
  • Astrobotic builds lunar sandpit to test rovers
  • ESA making a tablet for astronauts on Moonwalks!
  • LEGO figures and Snoopy to fly to the Moon

and more:… 🚀

We’re losing the precious starry night sky to pollution. People barely look up anymore. Both of these things make me really sad.

But lately I’ve realized that “Oh wait! The Moon will always be there to look up to, visible even during the day at times.” So there’s some hope.

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Here is the latest roundup of Moon updates: 🌗

To the Moon. 🚀

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Jatan Mehta

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